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ALL PROGRAMS are taught at your location in a time frame that best suits the needs of your organization. Safety First will customize any course to meet your companies' individual needs. By focusing on the prevention of emergencies, participants will understand the need to keep their environment free from risk and potentially hazardous agents as well as proper response to life threatening emergencies. Participants will be taught to develop emergency action plans to deal with emergency situations by certified instructors.

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Safety First offers CPR Programs designed to teach participants to respond confidently to any cardiac, respiratory or choking emergency until professional help arrives.

Safety First is a leader in First Aid training. Our programs are taught to the standards of the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute, and National Safety Council with a strong emphasis on practical skills.

Safety First offers lectures on various health and safety topics as: AIDS Awareness, Infection Control & Blood Borne Pathogens, Stress Management, Fire & Electrical Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

Safety First offers products for use in emergency situations. All products have been tested and endorsed by our instructors and teaching affiliates.

Aquatics Programs

Safety First is a Proud Provider of the American Red Cross Aquatics Training.  We offer initial and re-certification in the Lifeguard Training Program.

 Motor Medics

Set Medics

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